Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Story Of Water

I first came across The Story of Stuff while doing a course on sustainable business in Uni, the short documentary about the one-way life cycle of material goods and consumerism really struck home with me. I always find myself thinking back to it when Steve Jobs announces the next generation Nano.

Annie Leonard, the environmental activist behind the short animated clip, which has been shown in schools and universities across the globe, has now come up with this; The Story of Water...

Ja, I think it's a about time you bought yourself a re-usable bottle... save yourself cash and do that tiny bit to help the environment. Carrying a bottle of branded water has reached the point of being a fashion statement, but so was smoking 5 years ago. Then people realized it killed you and was a waste of money. Same vibe here.

I'm quite a fan of these.

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